Race info

Party-time: Competitors, whether teams or solo are encouraged to bring tents, BBQs, etc. Let’s get a party atmosphere going so as to encourage these heroes running round and round through the Saturday night. We will supply the music, the rest is BYO. Camping is allowed.

4 x 25 kms relay: This year, we are encouraging 4 x 25 kms relay teams at the special introductory rate of $160 per team. The 25 kms solo entry is $68, so this is great value. Each team member gets a race buff and the winning team gets a trophy. Prizegiving should be at 1630-1730 hours just as the party is getting started.

Pacers: Pacers will be permitted to accompany those in the 100 miles, 100 kms, 50 miles and 50 kms. Pacers can run one or more loops of 25 kms. They can start at the race start or work on a drop-in, drop-out basis. Pacers are not permitted to carry fluid, food, clothing or any other of the runner’s personal supplies or requirements, or to tow runners uphills with bungy cords or similar. In other words, no ‘muling’. A nominal charge of $30 per pacer will be levied as a contribution towards insurance, National Park entry fees and other administrative costs. There is no limit on the number of pacers who may accompany a runner and no limit on the number of loops for which they may accompany the runner. Further if a pacer accompanies a runner for 2 laps, he or she could run lap 1 and come back later and run say lap 4. Also, a pacer is not required to nominate a runner that they will accompany. Pacers will act a little like sweepers and can offer advice or assistance to any runner. The only stipulation is that pacers need to be registered. A pacer will get the normal race buff. A runner running with a companion not being a registered runner or a pacer without a pacer’s vest may be disqualified. Pacer’s times will not be reflected in the results

Race start times – please read thoroughly as these have been amended from what was previously announced:

  • 100 mile, 100 kms, 50 miles and 4 x 25kms relay – 0600 hrs on Saturday 30 September
  • 50 km 0600 on Sunday.
  • 25 kms at 0700 on Sunday.

The objective is to have all events finished by 1500 hrs on the Sunday if possible.

Mementos: All contestants will receive a commemorative race buff. Finishers in the 25 kms (solo, teams or pacers) and in the 50 kms & 50 miles will receive a commemorative medallion and finishers in the 100 miles & 100 kms will receive a commemorative belt buckle

Special gear: A head torch and spare batteries for those in the longer events is essential. It is recommended that you carry a space blanket, mobile phone and whistle in case of emergency. Please have a jacket and beanie for night time use as it can turn very cold overnight.

Prizegiving: Will be as soon as practicable after each race. Estimates only
4 x 25 km relay – 4-5:00 p.m. on Saturday
50 miles 5-6:00 p.m. Saturday
100 kms 6-7:00 p.m. Saturday
25 kms 10 -11:00 a.m. Sunday
50 kms 12 noon – 1:00 p.m. Sunday
100 miles 1 – 2:00 p.m. Sunday
Let’s all try and hang around and make this special for these very courageous athletes.

Date: Saturday 30 September 2017 for 100 mile, 100 kms, 50 mile and 4 x 25km relay; Sunday, 1 October for the shorter events.

Where: Nerang Cycling Velodrome: 1 Hope Street, Nerang, just 1 minute from the M1 motorway. See map.

Aid station: At start/finish only. The aid station will carry water, Hammer Nutrition rehydration sports drink (you also need electrolyte replacement, water alone is not enough), snacks and sunscreen. The aid station will provide hot soup and hot coffee overnight Saturday for the runners in the 100 mile and 100 km events. Runners are advised to carry hydration packs (small is okay) and energy replacement sufficient to last for the entire 25 km loop. We will have two water tables on course, one at Diana McKenzie corner, the other at Peter O’Sullivan corner, to enable top-up.

Pre race eligibility criteria and medical certificates: None required. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you are of sufficient good health to start. There will be a 36 hour cut for the 100 miler and 30 hour cut for the 100 km. Not feeling well? Not feeling up to finishing? Just pull out. Simple. But please report your withdrawal to the Race Director and make sure to hand in your timing chip.

Run course configuration:

  • Option 1; 6 full loops for 150 km plus 2 small loops of 11 km to make up a total of 161 km or 100 mile, Note: This will be 3 laps plus 5.5 odd kms for 50 miles, so as to be able to finish a 50 mile split in case the entrant does not complete the full 100 miles)
  • Option 2; 4 full loops of 25 km for a total of 100 km,
  • Option 3; 3 full loops for 75 km plus a small loop of 5.567 to make up a full 80.467 kms or 50 miles,
  • Option 4; 2 full loops for 50 kms,
  • Option 5: one full 25 km loop,

See detailed map below.

Toilets: There are toilets at the race headquarters.

Course marking: Fully marked. However, we recommend that you run the 25 kms loop prior to the event to familiarise yourself with the course.

Course measurement: Measured by GPS but if you have a Garmin or Suunto or similar measuring device, please measure it for us together with elevation rise and fall.

Accreditation: The race is sanctioned by Athletics Australia, Qld Athletics and Australian Ultra Runners Association. It is a qualifying event for Six Foot track and the world ultra trail championships and is recognised by the International Trail Running Association.

ITRA points (and UTMB)
100 miles 2017 = 6 points
100 kms 2017 = 4 points
50 miles 2017 = 4 points
100 miles 2016 = 6 points

Gold Coast trail championships. This race is the final race of the Gold Coast trail championships. For further information see here.

Electronic timing
Electronic timing will be employed for these races. The timing is activated by a shoe tag. Please affix it to your shoe lace. It will not work if carried in your pocket or attached to your race bib. Please remember to hand the chip in when you finish your race. Also, these are races, not time trials. Consequently, we use gun times rather than chip times. That is, time starts when the race director calls “go”, not when you cross the start line. First past the post wins the race.

GPS tracking
Not possible because of lack of continuity of mobile phone signal causing the battery to flatten prematurely.

Racebib and timing chip collection:
On the day only, available at the Gold Coast Ultras marquee at the start finish precinct at the velodrome, from one hour before start time of your event.

Ability to downgrade
There will be no ability to downgrade to a shorter event option once the race has started. E.g. if you enter the 100 mile and reach 50 mile or 100 km and decide to withdraw, you will be recorded a DNF in the event you entered. Your time for the shorter option will be recorded but it will be by way of note only. You will still receive the race buff but not the finisher’s belt buckle or commemorative medallion, as the case may be.

First aid: For cuts and abrasions, the aid station will carry First Aid kits. For anything more serious, we will have a qualified paramedic with 4WD on standby should any evacuations be required.

We provide public liability insurance for this and all of our events. This does not include Personal Accident (PA) cover for you as a runner. We have joined Qrun as a member organisation to access this PA insurance for you but for it to extend to you, you must also be a member of Qrun. You can join when you enter this race, by entering the information when prompted, at the low cost of $10/pa. If you are already a member of Qrun or Queensland Athletics, you can ignore this option. Likewise, if you enter another of our races, you need not join Qrun a second time. This insurance will also cover you on any of our organised training runs, but only if you have registered with us and, in turn, with Qrun. This insurance is good for any of our races and while participating in any of our organised training runs but expires come end August each year.

Race results:
Will be available progressively throughout the day. The website link will be furnished on our Facebook page.

Race photos:
Will be available for viewing and download free of charge soon after the race.